About the Author

Ariane Sroubek is the wife of an amazing man and the stay-at-home mom of six beloved children (two living at home and four living in heaven).  A certified school psychologist, Ariane’s writings are deeply shaped by her Christian faith and by her desire to share the hope of God’s sustaining grace in the midst of a broken world.  If you’re looking for more by Ariane, check out CheapAllergies.com, a recipe resource for food allergy families on a budget.

One thought on “About the Author

  1. God has a plan for every soul; let God’s Hand lead you on the way, through every night and every day.
    God has a plan for you and me, the end a first we cannot see; but if we trust in Him we find
    His plan brings peace of soul and mind.
    Much Love,always, Grampy


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