The Good Shepherd


Today marks six months since our baby died and I am beginning to understand what people mean when they say that your body remembers anniversary dates, even if your mind isn’t aware of them. For the last week or so everything has felt just a little bit harder and I am tired so much more quickly. The tears come easily again, as do the surges of anger at the pregnant women I see at the library and at the new mom who complains about her baby’s lack of sleep.

Perhaps it is because of this that my mind isn’t working well this week, though I am sure it does not help that we were up with a sick four-year-old last night. Suffice it to say, I feel like I am back in survival mode which means that the only thing that runs through my mind is “God is making everything okay. God is taking care of it,” and the image of Jesus, the tender shepherd who gently cares for all of the needs of His sheep. However, there must be more going on in mind of my sick four-year-old because she stopped watching Beauty and the Beast long enough to say, “Mommy, Noemi is dead to us because she is not here, but she is alive to Jesus.”

The truth is, if the only two things that my family gets out of this six month anniversary are the knowledge that “God is taking care of it” and that “she is alive to Jesus,” then that is sufficient grace and evidence that we are deeply blessed. This week, I pray that each of you will also be blessed with the confident assurance that The Good Shepherd really is making everything okay.

5 thoughts on “The Good Shepherd

  1. Sending hugs. Well said. Hana is so intuitive. Jesus did say “a child will lead us”.


  2. Thanks, Honey, for opening your heart to share God’s love and wisdom with us…and, especially, with Hana. It’s amazing that we can “know” something subconsciously, as I told you earlier. I love you.


  3. Hang in there. As hard as it is to imagine, a day will come that pregnant people aren’t even a blip on your radar and the tears will be scarce and take you by surprise when they come. Love to you and yours ❤️


  4. Thank you very much for sharing, there is so much wisdom and love in your words.


  5. Thank you very much for the post. It is so good to keep reminding of the love our Lord has for us.


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